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Frontline CPR Calgary

Frontline CPR has been specializing in BLS CPR for Health Care Providers since 2009.  We have since expanded to offer CPR training for employment, volunteering, teachers, workplaces, families, newborn emergency preparedness and much more!

We offer relaxed and fun classes taught by experienced instructors.

Sarah Kawaleski Frontline CPR




Sarah is a nurse and has been a certified Heart & Stroke Foundation instructor since the founding Frontline CPR in 2009. She currently specializes in BLS for Health Care Provider courses. In addition to teaching through CPR Training Calgary, Sarah is also a nursing clinical instructor and has a variety of adult and paediatric nursing experience in a variety of acute care settings.

Sarah brings her enthusiasm for the subject as well as her teaching experience to all of her classes. The classes are fast-paced and interactive to give participants the knowledge they need in an atmosphere that is stress-free and supports all learning styles.

Tracey MacLellan




Tracey is a respiratory therapist who has worked in a variety of healthcare settings; from acute care, to home care & rural. Pediatrics is her specialty. She considers herself a student of life and enjoys sharing through teaching and empowering others. Although instructing CPR with the Heart & Stroke Foundation is new to her, Tracey has been practicing and teaching life changing skills for over 20 years now. She had a keen interest in anything to do with breathing. Helping others feel confident and prepared to participate as a link in the chain of survival, while learning in a relaxed and supportive environment is her priority. 




Lauren Matsubara has been our First Aid Instructor since 2019.  Lauren has a variety of experience and passion that has led her to our team.


Lauren's background includes working as a Clinical Assistant at Vancouver General Hospital in both Trauma Services & Neurology.


Lauren moved to Calgary in 2016 where she began a new venture as a 911 operator.  She has a passion for helping people in their time of need and often on the worst day of their lives.  Feeling like there is only so much she can do to help over the phone, she wanted to help teach people proper First Aid skills to give patients the best possible outcome.


She wants to teach a thorough and informative course delivered in a fun and stress free environment.  She wants her students to leave class feeling confident and ready for any emergency situation they may come across.

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